Going to college? Fantastic! Whether you are are a junior, senior or returning student I will partner with you in navigating the increasingly complex application process. Get informed about the upcoming developments regarding the SAT, learn how to get a great letter of recommendation and write compelling essays that catch the eye of the application readers. Concerned about cost – who isn’t? How should I approach on-line courses? I will guide you through evolving financial aid requirements, search merit aid and scholarship opportunities and estimate what college will cost you, if anything.

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Graduate SchoolGraduate School

Graduate School

Going to graduate school? Great! I’ve been there (PhD – UC Berkeley ’98) and can quickly discern a good application from a great application. I will guide you in writing a statement of purpose that integrates your passion for education with your experience that confirm it. Then there is the question of how will you pay for graduate school? Perhaps you won’t have to – I didn’t. How can you help your college professors will write you a good letter of recommendation? Most importantly, how do you get the attention of the admissions committee?

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If you are interested in pursuing or furthering your STEM education, you’ve found the right consultant. As a scientist I closely follow academic trends, hot career opportunities and the politics and funding of STEM education and the STEM workforce so that I can provide you with the latest information.

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